Best Places In Thailand To Swing A Hammock

When it comes to beaches, Thailand offers some of the best, not only in Asia, but around the world. Some call it unfair – how can one country manage to snag so many wonderful beaches? – others call it a beach-bum's paradise. What Thailand has to offer with its beaches is out of ordinary. These are not your typical stretches of sand or clear waters, these are impossibly beautiful powder-soft dunes and emerald waters that will shock and awe.

Phuket Beaches
Phuket is the country's largest island and situated in it is the country's largest and the most popular international getaway – the Patong Beach. It offers anything from soft-white coastline to vibrant nightlife so there's something for just about anyone.

Much of the island's charm comes from the vast ocean that faces the beach. Added with the two rocky points that break the monotony of long stretches of beach, Patong offers places that many find exotic and appealing. Other wonderful beaches in the island are Nai Ham for the well-heeled, Nai Thon for people who are looking for peace and quiet, and Mai Khao for people who need an escape for solitude.

Outside the main attraction of Phuket – its beaches – the island also has a lot to offer to everyone. From fantastic scenery of the Phang Nga Bay to the ancient town of Old Phuket and the entertaining performers of the Phuket Fantasea.

Ko Chang
Ko Chang is Thailand's second largest island after Phuket. It offers a diversity of places to go, from white beaches to protected rocky bays and thick forests. Much of the island has received developments lately although the aptly named 'Lonely beach' still remains relatively untouched. It is the ideal place for some solo skin dipping.

Phi Phi Islands
The post-card perfect imagery of the Phi Phi island is remarkable. It is, in simplest term, a tourist mecca where the film, 'The Beach' was filmed. As a testament for its beauty, one million tourists from the world over flock to the Phi Phi islands. The Phi Phi Don, the larger island is renowned for its clearness of water. But the smaller island, the Phi Phi Lay is sensational in its own rights.

Railey Beach in Krabi
For rock jocks, Railey is a paradise. With its limestone formations that jut from the landscape, this small beach generally draws the rock-climbing crowd.

Hua Hin Beach in Hua Hin
Hua Hin Beach has the family package vibe to it. It is perfect for families with small children because of the flat stretches of beach. Although it is not necessarily the perfect beach for swimming.

Samui Island
Has perhaps the most expensive beaches in all of Thailand. Samui used to be the perfect island for backpackers. However, with the recent developments, it has become the go-to place for the well-heeled.

Because of its small size, the Island doesn’t offer as much activities as its larger counterparts. The main things that invite tourists to flock here are the sea, the sun and the sand, and of course, the Grandfather and Grandmother Stones.


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