Popular Cruises For Your Thailand Vacations

Thailand is a Buddhist nation in the heart of Southeast Asia. It is the world's 50th largest country and is one of the most popular tourist destinations. If you're set for Thailand vacations, and you want to spend a day for few cruising, this country has several cruises available that will help make your dream vacation come true.

Manohra Dream
As one of the best and most famous cruises in Thailand, Manohra Dream provides every tourist like you a perfect cruise experience. It lets you explore the country's most beautiful attractions and it even offers first-rate overnight accommodations. Ideal for two couples, this cruise comes with two staterooms that are fully air-conditioned. Inside the room, you'll find a king-sized and full-shower bathroom. This cruise is but perfect for a romantic travel for two or for a couple looking for a wonderful experience during their honeymoon in Thailand.

Benjarong Cruise
This is a three days and two nights cruise on the three main rivers of Thailand. Do you know that Benjarong Cruise is an old ice barge that's completely modified to form a great water vessel? This cruise is a great way of experiencing Thailand's hospitality.

Horizon Shangri-La
Great for budget-conscious travelers, it provides cruisers with comfortable cruising experience on several scenic spots in Thailand at a reasonably low price. This fully air-conditioned ship has enough room for 160 people. It passes along numerous monuments and cultural buildings such as the Grand Palace and Temple of Dawn. It has an upper and a lower deck.

Grand Pearl Cruise
This cruise lets you enjoy Thailand's marvels while taking pleasure in an International and Thai buffet. It can accommodate 350 cruisers and aside from cocktail drinks while passing through the country's most amazing scenery, you can also enjoy listening to live music.

Manohra Song
What makes this cruise unique is, it will take you to the famous Menam Chao Phraya in great comfort. This is also a 100-year old, 20 meter long, solid teak hull rice barge that was converted into a comfortable ship with four fully air-conditioned stateroom. It offers three nights and two days cruise but if you want, you can hire this ship for custom and private cruises.

What's good about cruising is, there are wide range of boats and ships to choose from. There are also lots of cruise packages so you sure will find the one that's tailored to your personal needs and interests. What makes Thailand cruises memorable is the exceptional pampering service every tourist will receive.

No matter what kind of vacation you want, you can find a cruise that will let you enjoy the vacation activities you have in mind. Thailand cruises aren't just perfect for romantic travels, they are also ideal for educational tours and cultural lectures. The above-mentioned cruises usually pass along Thailand's famous historical buildings and cultural attractions. These cruises are also great for family vacations of all ages.

So for a more exciting Thailand vacations, don't forget to try one of the most popular Thailand cruises and you sure will get the best value for your vacation bucks.


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