Things You Shouldn't Miss In Your Thailand Vacations

Are you making plans for your much-awaited Thailand vacations? Aside from booking your flights, making hotel and resorts reservations, and listing the Thai dishes you're planning to eat, you should also jot down some amazing places you should visit and several exciting and jaw-dropping activities you shouldn't miss. Among such are:

1. Flight of the Gibbon
If you're looking for a real adrenaline rush, you should consider the Flight of the Gibbon zipline. This flight offers every tourist an exhilarating nature trip all the way through Thai's jungle. You sure will enjoy spectacular sceneries while on a flight especially if you know that a part of the money you paid for such tour will go to forest restoration and gibbon protection projects. There are also packages that include a night safari, elephant trek, zip line tour, tarzan swing, gibbon jungle gym, and a whole lot more.

2. Thai Massage
Perhaps, the reason while you're travelling is to take an oh-so-relaxing break from the stresses of your job and daily city life. Isn't it great to reward yourself with a calming full-body massage in one of Thailand's most popular spa and wellness centers? In such centers, you can enjoy a purifying and soothing treatment from head to toe. You can also consider a comforting steam bath, a plunge in the Jacuzzi, and a sumptuous dinner after.

3. Chopsticks Hill
You really shouldn't miss this wonderful place in Hua Hin during your Thailand vacations. This touristy hill is dotted with temples and dominated by a huge population of monkeys. If you want to feed the monkeys, you can buy nuts and fruits from food stalls scattered in this place. In general, the hill is such a tranquil and relaxing place, providing you with a perfect getaway from the hustles and bustles of city life.

4. Pim Buranaket Folklore Museum
This fascinating museum in Northern Thailand shows the area's native culture. It showcases native items like baskets, agricultural tools, kitchen utensils, pots and many others. For a meager entrance fee, you take a glimpse of the country's culture and tradition.

5. Canoeing or Kayaking in Southern Thailand
Do you know that there's a magnificent limestone island in the southern part of the country with spectacular caves that can be accessed only through a canoe or a kayak? What's great is, you need not be a skilled paddler to use such boat. There are even inflatable and open decks kayaks that make piloting such water vessels so much easier.

6. Bridge on the River Kwai
This bridge, which appears in a Hollywood movie, is made up of pieces of the bridge's broken self. Visiting this is called a ride along the death railway because of the fatal accidents that happen in such bridge almost everyday during its construction. The mountain scenery in this place also offers good opportunities for elephant rides, river rafting, jungle treks, and fishing.

7. Biking and Cycling
Thailand is a marvelous place to discover by bicycle. Mountain bikers can go to Chiang Mai which has almost endless off-road trails cyclist will sure find adventuresome. If your Thailand vacations aren't that long and you don't have enough time for a bike ride through the rubber plantations and rainforests between Krabi and Phuket, you can just choose to explore Khao Yai National Park.


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