Top Places To Visit In Central Thailand

Thailand has put its mark on the globe squarely with its capital city, Bangkok. However, there is more to Thailand than the bustling City of Angels. Within a few hours' drive from Bangkok are some of Thailand's most iconic tourist destinations. If you are a traveler in Central Thailand you will find that it basically comprises of a combination of ancient ruins, bustling cities and nature.

Let's begin with Bangkok…

Bangkok – The City of Angels. These days, the city is highly urbanized, making it seem more like a labyrinth than a city during rush hour. Despite the recent developments it has received, Bangkok still manages to cling to its distinct oriental feel. If it is any consolation to new tourists in town, Bangkok's developments have made it easier for travelers to get around the city. Still, the city remains a chaotic but wonderful place to visit.

There are plenty of things to do here. From sampling the ancient culture and traditions of the country to shopping souvenirs from the locals, there is something for everybody in Bangkok.

Ayutthaya was Thailand's capital city from 1350 to 1767 and was the country's center of international commerce during that period. Nowadays, the city showcases remnants of its old glory. Visit the Ayutthaya town center to see what we mean.

Cha Am
Cha Am is popular for its beach resorts. It is THE perfect getaway for Thais and tourists alike. If you want some peace and quiet with decent accommodations and authentic Thai feel, this is the place to be. If, however, you are after some nightlife action, the laidback atmosphere of the place is not the place for that.

Chanthaburi is all about fruits, scenic waterfalls and verdant forests – the ideal place for backpackers. It is situated a couple of hours away from Bangkok and is enveloped by a variety of national parks, reserves and of course, the Chanthaburi River.

Thai Buddhists flock to Saraburi year-round to visit one of the country's most sacred places for Buddhists – the Buddha's footprints in the Phra Buddha Bat Woramahavihan Temple. This footprint, which is actually a natural rock depression, is believed to be the footprints of Buddha himself.

One of Khmer Empire's most important cities was the Lopburi during the 10th century. When the Ayutthaya Kingdom flourished sometime during the 1400s, the town was transformed into the Kingdom's second capitol. Nowadays, the town showcases the ruins of both empires.

Situated 400 kilometers above sea level, Suphanburi offers tourists evergreen forests, waterfalls, a selection of fauna and flora and a golf course with its famous Khao Yai National Park. Apart from these, the park also offers 50 kilometers of hiking trails, rivers for kayaking and rafting, four-day trek to a dinosaur footprint and morning and nighttime wildlife watching.

Nakorn Pathom
Nakorn Pathom offers a view of the largest and oldest religious landmark in the country, the Phra Pathom Chedi, the largest pagoda in Thailand. For the history buffs, this is THE place to be. Nakorn Pathom is also were Wat Phra Pathom Chedi Ratchaworaviharn, the National Museum, a few royal temples and monasteries, a Buddhist park, and a few other temples are located.


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