Visiting Bangkok On The Budget

Vacations in Thailand are probably among the reasonably expensive vacations in the world. In Bangkok, especially, your baht can go a long long way. With the help of our tips for the budge-conscious tourists below, you can extend the value of your baht way further.

Lumpini Park
This is definitely an escape from the city vibe of Bangkok, and a good source of some free stuff too. For 30 baht, you can indulge yourself in a paddleboat for 30 minutes and unlimited session in an outdoor gym. For free, you can medicate, take a tango lesson, experience Thai reflexology and participate in aerobics classes or Thai chi classes.

Temples and Temple Fairs
Temples and shrines in Bangkok, with the exception of a few, are virtually free. If you are lucky and visited during important Buddhist holidays, you may even get to have yourself blessed by a monk. Be prepared to dole out some baht though if you are planning on visiting the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, which should cost you some 200 baht. This fee comes with admission to the Grand Palace.

Spirit Houses and Shrines
These dot the city of Bangkok and you can enter any of them for free. The most famous shrine is the Erawan Shrine? Why visit them? Well apart from the fact that these add some interesting places to visit on your itinerary, these apparently can bring you good fortune, good luck, fertility, and virility.

Thai National Gallery
Want to sample Thai artwork? For a small fee, you can see contemporary and traditional Thai artworks from Wednesday to Sunday.

Muay Thai
If you love watching guys breaking each other's jaws, you're lucky. The tickets to Thai boxing or Muay Thai events are really inexpensive although you may be charged 5 times more than the usual fee for being a foreigner.

Ratchadamnoen Road On Lottery Day
After visiting a shrine or two (for good luck), head out for the Ratchadamnoen Road, buy yourself some lottery tickets and join the crowd as they wait for good fortune to come to them.

Suan Pakkard Palace
Visit this Royal Palace and learn how the Royal Family of Thailand lives for only 100 baht. If you donít have anything else in your mind and want to burn some time, this is the perfect as well. It is easy to get lost in awe in this royal abode.

Late-Night Pastries
Five star restaurants and other exclusive pastry shops normally go on sale by the end of the night. Catch some good treats at half a price during the evening. The bakeries lining the Tops supermarket do this, so give it a try.

Fortune Tellers
Donít believe in astrology? We neither, but it sure is interesting to have your palms or cards read or astrology discussed to you by the famous Thai gypsy on the corner of Convent and Silom Roads.

Patravadi Dining Theatre
For an inexpensive romantic dinner, go to the Patravadi Dining Theatre by the Bangkok River. The theater offers good, inexpensive food along with highly trained dance artists.

Cheap Eats
Cheap in Bangkok doesnít necessarily suggest that it can't be eaten by a human. Food in Bangkok are surprisingly cheap, if you know where to go. Head to where the students go and see for yourself. Also, try the great varieties of street foods.


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